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Periodontal Maintenance
Milwaukie, OR

Comparison of healthy tooth and periodontis at Michael Regan, DMD Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry in Milwaukie, ORMichael Regan, DMD Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry facilitates thorough periodontal maintenance performed by trained and skilled dentists, keeping your teeth from experiencing the adverse effects of various chronic periodontal conditions. We take extra precautions to perform dental cleanings and periodontal maintenance without aggravating existing periodontal conditions, keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

What is Periodontal Maintenance?

The word periodontal refers to the gum tissue in our oral cavity. Periodontal diseases such as gingivitis or periodontitis are inflammatory diseases that affect the tissue surrounding our teeth i.e. the gums. Severe forms of periodontal disease are similar to other chronic diseases that require early treatment and regular maintenance to prevent experiencing serious implications. Periodontal maintenance is a type of deep cleaning, where your teeth and gums are cleaned thoroughly, halting the progression of the periodontal disease afflicting the patient.

It is recommended by dentists to patients who have periodontal disease and are undergoing prompt treatment or have had periodontal surgery to keep the periodontal pockets free of infection-causing bacteria, tartar, and plaque. Mike Regan, DMD is a highly trained dental professional, well-versed in periodontal disease diagnosis, treatment, diagnosis, and maintenance. At Michael Regan, DMD Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry, you can rest assured that periodontal maintenance procedures prevent the disease from causing further damage.

Why Periodontal Maintenance

The procedure being more intense than regular dental cleaning is meant to restore and maintain the health of your gum tissue and bone health. It removes bacteria and plaque that can lower the functionality of your teeth, causing inflammation, pain, discomfort, or more severe forms of periodontal disease.
Untreated tartar and plaque buildup below and above the gum line are the cause of various periodontal conditions. Over time, they create gum pockets that become almost impossible to clean even when using the best toothbrush and floss available.

Mike Regan, DMD is an experienced dentist with a keen eye for detecting problem areas and treating them promptly with effective periodontal maintenance techniques. In addition to the removal of bacteria and plaque, periodontal maintenance also keeps the aesthetics of the teeth and gums intact, removing unsightly stains and debris. One of the main indicators of periodontal disease is halitosis or persistent bad breath. Periodontal maintenance aids the removal of the bacteria causing the halitosis, leaving you with fresher breath and fewer chances of sustaining infection in your gums.

What Does it Involve?

Periodontal maintenance in an intensive and involved process as it consists of various steps and stages. It can either be performed under sedation when periodontal disease is severe, while others don’t require it. There are multiple stages of periodontal maintenance including the following:

•  Supragingival cleaning involves the dentist cleaning the areas above the gum line to remove plaque
•  Sub-gingival cleaning involves cleaning the gum pockets, ridding them of tartar and plaque;
•  Root planing, where the tooth’s root is cleaned, and polished;
•  Oral cancer screening may be included in the periodontal maintenance process;
•  Oral hygiene instructions and further advice is given to keep gums healthy and clean.

We at Michael Regan, DMD Family, Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry work with you as a team to provide you with the best possible dental and periodontal care. Give us a call at 503-654-8283 today to schedule an appointment with Mike Regan, DMD if you require highly effective periodontal maintenance services post periodontal surgery or for keeping periodontal diseases at bay.



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